Uliza's team brings years of experience in behavioral economics, finance, software development, and linguistic data.


grant bridgman

chief executive officer

Grant has a background in applying technologies for development, behavioral economics, and startups in Africa. Grant began thinking about how to make phones better information portals for people who speak local languages when he was in Sierra Leone working with MIT. This idea became Uliza when he met Maity and Janeth. Grant is based out of Nairobi and Cape Town.


abhishek maity

chief financial officer

Maity has a background in mathematics and finance. He has worked as a management consultant in the United States, and has experience as an economics teacher in India and in startups in Lebanon and the United States. Maity is a scrupulous data wizard. He is based out of Washington, D.C.



janeth jepkogei

chief technology officer

Janeth is a computer scientist specializing in natural language processing and has worked as a technology analyst for Deutsche Bank. A native Kiswahili speaker, Janeth is based out of Raleigh, NC.


ashir borah

machine learning developer

Ashir is a computer scientist specializing in machine learning at Dickinson College. He has experience in building neural networks and web-development, and is a native Hindi speaker.


stephen allen

business development manager

Stephen is passionate about language scholarship and policy across Africa. Previously, Stephen has worked and studied in North, West, and Southern Africa. He speaks French, Spanish, Wolof, Modern Standard Arabic, and is proficient in isiZulu and Portuguese. He is based in Cape Town. 

our advisers:

lisa braden-harder Harvard University; Appen Linguistic Data, founding CEO

johan wikman Appen Liguistic Data, CTO

robert on UC Berkeley; Google

janet cahn | AT&T, Senior Voice User Interface Designer; MIT Media Lab